2009-07-30 18:22:01 by jdubz940

Well hello Newgrounds. I pretty much have gone on this site daily for the past couple years and I never found the need or the time to actually get an account. I'm actually really happy that there is an art portal now because it finally gave some motivation to get an account. I have been a member of deviantART for about 4 years now and I must say that I have been getting a lot more advice and critique on my artwork here on newgrounds than i am on dA. Maybe it's because this art portal is completely new and there hasn't been much art posted yet and that dA has been around for years and millions of people contribute. Well I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of views and compliments on my artwork that I have gotten here these past few days. I appreciate it and I hope you like what's to come from me. Most of my artwork that I have been posting is about a couple years old so I'm working hard to get some new pictures up. I procrastinate like none other so it may take a while :P